Are you also one of the WinRAR users worried about the Unexpected end of archive error?It’s time khổng lồ change that, especially when there are quite a few nifty tricks that you can apply.

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Countless users are in the same boat and look for a quiông chồng solution khổng lồ solve sầu this WinRAR issue. Some of them even describe that they’ve been able lớn complete the download.
However, the same error message pops up when trying to open that archive sầu file or extract it using WinRAR.

In certain cases, the download process was not fully complete. However, an unstable Internet connection, a vi khuẩn, an unknown file format, or WinRAR itself are also potential culprits.

No matter what the actual cause is, rest assured that there are a few quiông xã solutions that you can apply. Just check them out below.

How to lớn fix WinRAR Unexpected over of archive?

1. Give sầu a try to a more reliable file archiver utility


Internet tốc độ remains an essential factor when trying khổng lồ download an archive. Wireless Internet seems khổng lồ have deteriorated severely in terms of unique of service in the past few years.

If you see the Unexpected over of archive error, then make sure that your Internet connection is indeed stable.

When the network is not connected, the download process immediately stops and may display a complete download, even if that’s not the case.

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No matter what your next activity should be – browsing, streaming, & so on – it cannot take place when the connection drops every five sầu seconds or so.

Looking for precise answers regarding your Internet speed? Here you’ll find the best Internet tốc độ testers for Windows 10.

4. Try to lớn re-download the file

Such errors happen for a variety of reasons, so don’t postpone checking the file form size. Therefore, compare the file kích thước of the downloaded tệp tin with the one in the original liên kết.

If you discover that the downloaded tệp tin is smaller, this is the sign that your tệp tin is corrupted. In this case, try to tải về it once again.

5. Repair the file using the WinRAR inbuilt function

Firstly, browse to the drive sầu or thư mục where your corrupt RAR file is present.Up next, select the RAR file và clichồng on the Repair button from the toolbar.From the new window pop-up, just choose Treat corrupt archive as RAR.After the repair process is finalized, clichồng on the Close button.Now, in order lớn extract your files, simply select your new rebuilt archive sầu.Choose the option that says Extract without confirmation và the procedure should start immediately.

You’ve sầu seen that you have sầu a reliable WinRAR alternative on hand for opening file archives. However, if you want to give sầu WinRAR a second chance, try khổng lồ repair the files is by using the inbuilt function.

Follow the above steps & if everything goes well, your RAR or ZIPhường file should be repaired in no time.

After completing the above procedures, the Unexpected over of archive sầu error message should no longer appear when opening your archive sầu file.

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