Pubg is dying: how bots threaten to destroy playerunknown’s battlegrounds

It is not an exaggeration lớn say that Shroud is a naturally gifted keyboard & mouse player. Over the years, the streamer has played several games that helped hyên in gaining prominence. However, Counter Strike: Global Offensive sầu & PUBG certainly stand out on the các mục.

Bạn đang đọc: Pubg is dying: how bots threaten to destroy playerunknown’s battlegrounds

While CS: GO established hyên ổn as a professional player, Shroud majorly owes his streaming success to PUBG. So much so, fans around the world also Gọi hyên ổn the “God of PUBG”.

Nevertheless, Shroud finally quit playing the game in 2019, but his oldest viewers still miss the good old days. Surprisingly, he came baông xã to lớn the game recently và had an interesting say on its current condition.

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From being one of the most popular games in the region, PUBG has now transitioned to lớn a very unfortunate place in North America. As per Shroud, only stream snipers play the game.

“I mean this game is so dead in NA, that the only people that play are pretty much stream snipers. So, I don’t think you guys realize how much the mighty have fallen.” 

Shroud believes that PUBG lost its spark because of bigger & better alternatives. Also, the developers could not alter the game’s look and mechanics because they made it popular in the first place.

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“This game is still fun, honestly. I underst& why nobody toàn thân plays it, they’ve moved on to lớn bigger và better things,” said Shroud. “I really vì wish they changed it, I wish it was different, but a part of the reason it was so successful is because it’s like this.”


Shroud has his suggestions to lớn improve sầu PUBG


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Even though Shroud feels that PUBG looks better than ever, he has some suggestions that can rejuvenate the game at a larger scale. He is still satisfied with PUBG’s look and gunplay, but wants khổng lồ change the game’s movement.

PUBG could take inspiration from other BR titles like Apex Legends, and making such improvements could be the first step in the right direction.

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To say the least, Shroud is still brilliant at PUBG and watching hlặng play it always hits the fans with nostalgia. Do you think PUBG can catch a second wind if the developers make the right changes?



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