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Pantsu is a phonetic translation based on the Japanese definition for panties (パンツ; pronounced pantsu), or underwear. The pantsu theme became a popular type of fanservice in ecbỏ ra anime và manga due khổng lồ its indecensy despite not showing nudity.

There are also other variants such as Shimapan (縞パン, or striped panties), Misepan (見せパン), and Panmoro (パンモロ). Pantsu can also be used to describe upskirt, thigh exposure, or related fetishes in the anime genre, or khổng lồ describe such obscenities in a way of mocking otaku culture.






The widespread word "Pantsu" had possibly been derived from the word Panchira (パンチラ, "glimpse" of panty). The rise of underwear fashion most likely came from legendary trắng dress photos of Marilyn Monroe during early cultural interaction between the eastern and western worlds in 1955.

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<1> As a result of this meeting between advertisement, it"s undergarment based sexualization, & cultural interactions, a recurring trover of underwear found a home in manga/anime culture.


The nhật bản eroge subculture has always taken up a portion of the internet, especially on the anonymous imageboards such as the Japanese 2channel and western 4chan.

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