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League of Legends
Olleh: “I’ve erased everything from my brain besides LoL… All I want to vì chưng is work hard to lớn win again.”

Nearing the end of 2021, Golden Guardians signed veteran support, Kim “Olleh” Joo-sung. Not many had thought that Olleh would return, but those who have been following his career knew that he had been working hard after he decided khổng lồ come back as a pro người chơi — maybe even harder than when he was a pro player before. He even hit third place in KR solo queue, the highest placement for a tư vấn player.

Bạn đang đọc: Olleh

After Golden Guardians announced that they had signed Olleh, I sat with himto talk about how he made up his mind khổng lồ come back, why with Golden Guardians, và about his future.

Learning programming

When I returned to Korea, I was rather burnt out. I had lost a lot of interest in the game, and it felt lượt thích living in jail since I was doing the same thing over và over again all the time. That’s why I decided to try something new. I looked up things & saw that “metaverse” was a hot topic. & that made me think, if there’s a game in the future like Sword Art Online, it’ll be amazing.

So I watched the Sword Art Online series on Netflix and thought that this was the future. I looked up things about virtual reality & wanted lớn learn it. There was a program the Korean government supported where they teach the students how to lớn create virtual reality through coding. It was a five-month course, and I enlisted right away.

"If I got into this industry, I would have to be doing this for the rest of my life, and I spent some time thinking if I wanted to bởi vì that."

For the first two months, it was really fun. There were other students there as well, but they were mostly people that had their other jobs. I was completely unemployed. Since I had a lot of time, I kept studying that as if I were playing solo queue, and naturally, my programming skills improved faster than others. I even took an online class. The teacher praised me a lot, so I thought I might be talented in this area. I tried mapping out new games and actually made some. I even made a tín đồ game for a streamer called Woowakgood. I thought that things worked out if I gave the time & effort.

In the beginning, I was a blank page và I knew nothing. If you askedme lớn make a VR game, there would nothing that I could do. Through this program, I created things from ground zero — movie scenes, music videos, games… Whatever I did, I felt that all I needed to vì chưng was work hard.

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I was living lượt thích that for three lớn four months, but suddenly, one thought hit me. If I got into this industry, I would have khổng lồ be doing this for the rest of my life, & I spent some time thinking if I wanted to bởi that. I thought about it for a long time, but when I did, the most regretful thing for me was my results at Worlds. Obviously, I didn’t win Worlds, & I wasn’t able khổng lồ perform well there. Since it was regretful, I also thought I should have worked harder. The programming experience was great, since it taught me that I could learn và do this if I was willing to whenever I want. On the other hand, being a pro gamer was something I would never be able to vị again. That made me more desperate.

Returning as a pro player

That way, I decided to return khổng lồ competitive League of Legends. I played solo queue and I hit Challenger faster than I thought. I was worried I would get stuck in đá quí or something, but I got through it smoothly, so I believed in myself that I was still pretty good.

When my mother saw me focusing on LoL again, she asked if I wouldn’t regret learning all that và not using it, so I told her that if I don’t make đứng top 10 in KR solo queue, I’d give up being a pro gamer. After all, she was worried about me, và I knew that. All I did after that was play LoL.

"If GGS hadn"t contacted me, I might not have made it back."

At first, I went back & forth at around 1,000 LP. When I"d meet players that were good, my winrate would be just 50%. It felt that there was a barrier that I couldn’t get through, & I realized that I need khổng lồ put in additional effort. So I reviewed the replays of my losses while queueing for matches. As I did that over và over again, I started lớn see my weaknesses or opponents’ weaknesses, and my winrate went up again. One day, I breached 1,300 LP and got top 10. That convinced me that I was ready lớn come back as a pro player.

During that process, I reported khổng lồ my mother every day. When I reached 10th place, I told her that I’m ready. Around that time, GGS contacted me, so I didn’t even consider any other offers & told them yes. I wasn’t in a position to consider other offers, & I didn’t want lớn bother them with any negotiations. Everything was so timely. After GGS announced that they had signed me, CoreJJ called and congratulated me.

Frankly, if GGS hadn"t contacted me, I might not have made it back. They called me in, so I became more devoted to lớn the organization. I felt that I should give in my everything here. Lớn come to lớn think of it, they helped me out with my green card back when I was there, and I felt that I’d be garbage if I didn’t repay them for their kindness.

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