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This is the easiest way lớn improve your skill and gameplay. Playing DotA gets better from day khổng lồ day, and beginning from now the lachạy thử of DotA AllStars and Legends of DotA maps include a completely new way to lớn manage your ingame settings - a text-configuration tệp tin.

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After the first launch of DotA 6.88+ or LoD , a special configurating file will be created in your WarCraft III root thư mục (config.dota.ini or config.lod.ini). This tệp tin can be opened và edited with any text editor such as Notepad, it is a plain text file. We are recommend khổng lồ use "clever" text editors, e.g. NotePad++, as they have sầu syntax highlight for an easier navigation through.

In the mạng internet you can find a third-party-software, that will allow you khổng lồ edit configuration tệp tin as usual. For example, tìm kiếm in Google Pictures "dota wc3 config soft" and you will see the examples.Don"t forget lớn kiểm tra all downloaded files with antivirus before using of them!


Our configuration file does not support autoupdate yet. You have sầu to add new variables manually or bởi the following:1.
Rename your configuration file in WarCraft III folder.2. Update the maps và launch it in single game.3. After that, mặc định configuration file will be created.4. mở cửa both configuration files with any text editor.5. Copy all the values from the old config lớn the new one, minding values you changed in your old config và not overriding new lines in the new config.6. Check for the new options và change their state if needed.7. Have sầu fun.

Edited values cannot be applied during the game. You must edit it before a game. Except of hotkeys that can be changed. You must save your tệp tin & type in chat a command that will apply new hotkeys "-bind reset"

Current guide is actual forDotA AllStars 6.90a5 and Legends Of DotA 6.87b3(và also is updating by lazy Mortrus)

Section of hotkeys

You can assign any key to any skill or tòa tháp slot. It will override the button’s mặc định action - you don"t have to lớn worry about unbinding the Space key or any other special hardcoded WC3 key (the hotkeys in the config tệp tin are always the most important ones). This function also filters out inputs inside the "Chat" window, chatting will not be affected.You can define any alphabetical or number key. In case if you want khổng lồ use some special key like "Page Up", you have khổng lồ use HEX-code of this key, e.g. "0x21" for "Page Up". As said in the config file’s description, you can find all key IDs in HEX size in this page

It is also possible khổng lồ add a single modifier to lớn the key; either Alt, Ctrl or Shift. This allows having your whole inventory và skillmix bound lớn specifically modified keybinds (lượt thích ALT+R) that are used by WC3. There are couple of hot-binds lượt thích "Space", "F1"-"F9", which can be used directly, even without using the HEX value. However, it is not possible lớn add any modifiers (Alt, Ctrl, Shift) lớn Space and F1-F9.

Here are allowed patters for modifiers use (e.g. Alt và A):AltA or Alt0x41

Now, here is about binding settings. Take a look at this picture:

Binding of new keys is done strictly by slot numbers. Inventory slots 1-6 are self-explanatory, and skills are ordered as shown. Extra-binds like "BindMove", "BindStop" are used on the same cell as named skill (default layout). Default ingame hotkeys won"t change và also will be available, unless you override the original key with another bind.

SkillSlot%Define this khổng lồ rebind your hero"s spells.
QuickCastSlot%Define this lớn instantly apply the spell to the target under mouse cursor, as soon as hotkey is pressed.
QuickCastInventorySlot%Define this to lớn instantly apply the ability of inventory vật phẩm to the target under mouse cursor, as soon as hotkey is pressed.
ASkillSlot%Define this to lớn change the state of autocasting skill, e.g. Bloodlust. Attention! Depends on slot number!
BindMove, BindStop, BindHold, BindAttaông xã, BindPatrolIf you want to lớn rebind mặc định action keys, you can change values for these parameters.
BindOpenHeroSkillsRebinds key for the "Abilities" button - <+>
TeleportScrollHotkeyButton for use of teleport.
TalentsMenuHotkeyOpens talents menu.
ItemSlot%Define this to lớn rebind hotkeys of inventory cells.
DisableAllDefaultHotkeysDisables all mặc định hotkeys for spells.VALUES: true - disable, false - enable
DisableDefaultAltHotkeysDisables AltQ, AltS, AltH etc hotkeys from opening ingame menus.VALUES: true - disable, false - enable Or you can choose what lớn disable (set value of needed lớn true)DisableAltS, DisableAltL, DisableAltH, DisableAltO, DisableAltQ, DisableAltG, DisableAltT, DisableAltA, DisableAltR, DisableAltF
QuickCastAttackIf you use disabled auto-attaông chồng (-aat) then by pressing this button your hero will go lớn the place under the cursor và will attaông xã the closest unit.
ExtraSlot%LEGACY: Hotkeys for buttons located in the cells of Move sầu, Stop, Hold & Patrol (1,2,3,5 respectively).
SkillSlotAttackLEGACY: Acts as an ExtraSlot% but only for "Attack"

Some keys, that allow you by pressing them to lớn display additional game info:

DisplayScoreboardAllows lớn exp& or minimize ingame scoreboard.
DisplayNeutralsSpawnAreaHotkeyDisplays a rectangle, that determines the borders of neutral"s spawn camp, mặc định Alt (0x12) key
DisplayTowerRangeHotkeyDisplays the range of attaông chồng for towers, mặc định Alt (0x12) key.

Selection related hotkeys allows to lớn toggle between your troops faster than ever:

SelectYourHeroSelects your anh hùng.
SelectAllUnitsSelects all useful units;
SelectAllOtherUnitsSelects all useful units except the primary hero.
SelectBestCourierSelects the courier which is the best one you can have sầu, by game"s opinion. By priority: self courier, shared courier, any ally courier.
SelectCircleOfPowerSelects the Circle of nguồn for your hero.
OrderToAllControlledUnitsHotkeyWhenever player gives an order to lớn any unit while holding the key, all controllable units (from SelectAllUnits group) will try to lớn perkhung it. You can only give 3 AllUnits orders at time, they restore with 1 per second rate.

Extra-setting "ShopsQWERTY" allows auto-binding every siêu thị to lớn the QWERTY-layout. QWER for top row, ASDF for middle, and ZXCV for lower. Can be "true" or ""false" and doesn"t have sầu any extra settings.

Section of game settings

MaxFPSOn low-tier PCs, WC3 still tries lớn render 64 frames every second. Lowering this value reduces overheating and slightly increases (non-laggy) the game’s visuals.VALUES: integer <64 - default>
AutoFPSLimitWhen your PC is under the heavy load, this option will automatically change the MaxFPS setting, decreasing your max frames but increasing visuals. Again: only use if you have sầu FPS issues.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
DisplayFPSCounterDisplays FPS counter, the analogue of chat command: "/fps".VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
LockMouseAtWindowKeeps your mouse cursor in the game"s window. Only useful if you"re playing in windowed mode.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
AutoselectHeroWill automatically re-select your primary anh hùng if you right cliông xã or press a key while having no controllable unit selected.VALUES: true - enable , false - disable
DotA2HPBarsTurns HPhường bars of ally units to lớn green color, và enemies lớn red. Has an ingame chat command: "-hpbar"VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
DisplayManabarsToggles manabars. Has an ingame chat command: "-manabar"VALUES: true - enable , false - disable
WideScreenProperly increase Field of view khổng lồ fit 16:9 displays. Has an ingame chat command: "-ws".VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
TeleportationCanOnlyBeStoppedSoftEverytime you teleport somewhere, you can accidently right click at something, wasting the TPhường. This option adds a secondary unit (your own Circle of Power) lớn your comm& thẻ so your order will be delayed until you finish channeling. Doesn"t prevent any hotkeys from interrupting channeling, so you can press Stop whenever you want.VALUES: true - enable , false - disable
TeleportationCanOnlyBeStoppedSame as the setting above, but only uses hardcoded key blochồng, effectively preventing any accidental TP.. interrupt by a key press or a mouse cliông xã. When this option is enabled, you can only interrupt teleportation with the Stop or Hold hotkeys (S và H by default). Any other input đầu vào will be ignored.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
AutoselectSummonedUnitsRadiusSellects all available summoned units in the given radius.VALUES: integer <2500 - default>
CloseWC3EveryGameCauses game lớn cthua itself after every non-single player game lớn avoid issues with memory cleaning. Temporary solution for prevention of unknown game crashes in the second game.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
DoubleClickHelperEnabledAllows lớn setup Double Click Helper (DCH) right away at game start. DCH allows to lớn instantly apply some abilities to the caster by double-clicking it"s hotkey rapidly. For example, Ogre will Bloodlust himself, if you double-tap it"s hotkey while option is enabled. Whenever picked hero has an ability which does tư vấn this mechanic, you"ll see the message about it. Has an ingame chat command: "-dch".VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
AutoattackEnabledTurns on/off hero"s tự động hóa attachồng.

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VALUES: true - enable , false - disable
AutoattackDisabledByStopOnlyAutoattaông chồng will work always unless Stop or Hold issued.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
SmartAttackEnabledTurns on/off smart attack: when right clicked on the ground anh hùng begins lớn attachồng the closest enemy lớn the point, radius of tìm kiếm is 300. Requires enabled parameter AutoattackEnabled.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
RightClickDenyTurns on/off deny of creeps by right click.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
SelectionHelperEnabledTurns on/off selection of summoned units in khổng lồ the group right after summon.VALUES: true - enable , false - disable
PersonalLatencySets personal latency & tốc độ of data transfer to lớn the host. The lower number, then faster data transfer.VALUES: integer <100 - default>
KeepLegacyCourierButtonsLayoutAllows khổng lồ use Old or DotA2-style layout for courier"s buttons.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
BlinkAutoShiftingAutomatically uses "Blinks Dagger" with pressed Shift button. There are some heroes that cast their spells only infront of their face. If you vì chưng bliên kết back & cast a spell, such anh hùng will turn và cast a spell under his feet. If you enable the option - you will not face this problem. Works only with disabled auto-attack!VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
IAmShyToggles displaying words in your honor (if you donate or just an active sầu person who helps to develop project).VALUES: true - show, false - vày not show
IDontWantToVisitSiteToggles visiting of trang chính page after the over of a game.VALUES: true - vị not visit, false - visit

Section of specific hero options

Juggernaut_HealingWardDoNotFollowToggles auto-following of "Healing Ward" of Juggernaut, if no target chosen.VALUES: true - vì not follow, false - follow Juggernaut
Meepo_NumbersOverheadClonesToggles displaying of numbers over the Meepos". Only owner can see them.VALUES: true - enable , false - disable

Section of the game interface settings

WeatherAllows choosing the active sầu weather effect. Equal khổng lồ using "-weather" chat command. Supports all the same modifiers: off, rain, snow, moonlight, wind, random.VALUES: string (emptpy )
FogDensityAllows changing of your minimap’s fog brightness. Only accepts value between 0 & 255. The lower, the darker your minibản đồ will be.VALUES: integer (192 )
AlwaysDisplayRangeMarkersThis option makes all tower"s attaông xã ranges constantly visible, even if you"re not holding the hotkey (Alt).VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
AlwaysDisplayHPRegenDisplays the HPhường regeneration of the unit, even if you"re not holding the hotkey (Alt), toggling to the maximum HPhường. value in the HPhường panel of your anh hùng. Does NOT have sầu to lớn vì chưng with HPbars over creeps, heroes, etc.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
SameSelectionCircleForEveryoneUnifies visual selection circles of every anh hùng to the same width, which effectively makes their HP bars equal as well.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
AdvancedTooltipsThis option allows lớn see extra data about your attack, spell resistance and thành quả owners, when you hover over the icons in your anh hùng and thành tích panels.VALUES: true - enable , false - disable
DisplayRegenerationEnable or disable unit"s regeneration info being visible while holding Alt or using AlwaysDisplayHPRegen option.VALUES: true - enable , false - disable
CustomFPSInfoAdds memory consumption metric khổng lồ the /fps. commvà output.VALUES: true - enable , false - disable
ChatMessageDurationSets duration of chat messages in seconds.VALUES: float (10.0 )
EscClearsChatPressing ESC will clear game chat.VALUES: true - enable , false - disable
EscClearsPlayersChatPressing ESC will clear player"s chat.VALUES: true - enable , false - disable
GoodMinimapEnables gray minimap with better texture that is more likely lớn DotA2 minibản đồ. Fits for professional players.VALUES: true - enable , false - disable
ProperColorsForCreepsTurns Scourge và Sentinel units lớn Green and Red colors on the minibản đồ. By default they keeps dark-greed color.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
AlliesAlwaysGreenToggles minibản đồ vision to lớn green & red, where allies are always green.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
BetterFPSDisables some visual effects (water effects and footprints), improving overall game"s smoothness for old PCs.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
BetterFPS2Disables some visual effects - ubersplats (burning trailing of Chaos Meteor, for instance).VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
BetterFPS3Disables most of visual effects on the bản đồ, like some cliff textures, bonfires, bushes, waterfalls etc.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
DisableDefaultSpaceDisables camera jumps when Space key is pressed.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
DisableDefaultMouseWheelDisables camera sliding when mouse wheel is used.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
DisableDefaultTildeDisables mặc định action of Tilde key.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
ShowTipsWhileDeadToggles on-death tips. They may be useful for newbies.VALUES: true - enable , false - disable
ShowItemsInMultiboardToggles cửa nhà icons in game scoreboard.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
UseAdvancedHUDToggles a new overlay HUD. (Not working under WinXP)VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
DisableAltTogglingHPBarsAllows khổng lồ disable HPhường bars toggling via Alt-key. Useful if you don"t use it anyway or have Alt-key bindings.VALUES: true - enable , false - disable
WaterColorAllows to cài đặt water"s color before game starts. Can"t use "random" value here.VALUES: color of format 255 255 255 (empty )
IgnoreAllChatCompletely blocks chat from allies và enemies from the very start. Chat log is still active sầu.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
HideHeroNamesAlias for "-hhn" chat commvà.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
RepeatGameMessagesIntoChatLogPosts each valuable ingame-text inlớn chatlog (F12 if playing online) for you, lượt thích kills, buybacks, Roshan slaying, etc.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
AlwaysShowCourierButtonAllows khổng lồ always keep courier"s button available in the screen"s corner for fast access.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
HideMinimapSignalsHides minimaps signals (!)VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
ColorblindModeToggles Scan minimap ping color from green/red to lớn blue/red.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
AdvancedStatsIconDisabledToggles Advanced Stats Inhỏ from skill panel.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
CameraHeightSets the ingame camera height. Now supports both number formats (eg., 2000 or 2.1)VALUES: iterger/float (empty )
SmoothFogRevealToggles smoke reveal speedVALUES: true - 0.4 sec (as in old 85k DotA) , false - 0.1 сек (as in current versions)
ClassicIngameTimeToggles in-game timer khổng lồ classic (true) or new style (false).VALUES: true - enable , false - disable
HealingDisplaysAmountDisplays healing in numbers over the unit if it"s getting any heal.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
KeepStopHoldButtonsAllows khổng lồ hide or show Stop, Hold và Patrol buttons.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
DisplayAllyGoldOnSelectionDisplays in the panel total gold of ally hero"s gold when you select hyên.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
EnableNewUIOverlayDisplays new elements in the user interface.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
DisableIngameCameraMoveEventsToggles camera focusing on anh hùng when it respawns.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable
EnableSoundOfGoldCoinsToggles gold conin"s sound.VALUES: true - enable , false - disable
StaticSkillsLayoutLegacy option for LOD, prevents skill "jumping" in the skill bar.VALUES: true - enable, false - disable

Section of the quckchat messages

Allows to lớn thiết đặt some key phrases and send them lớn ally chat whenever hotkey is pressed. For example, "Enemy missing" message.

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