Honestly, I don"t know why I never thought of this until just now & maybe I"m just really blind but I couldn"t help but suddenly realize the similarities between Arnold"s Schwarzenegger"s two iconic catchphrases from the Terminator series of films.

The Terminator (1984) - "I"ll be baông chồng."

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I realize the significance of the second phrase to the movie và the relationship between young John Connor và the protector Terminator (as can be seen in this scene), but my question is more of an out of universe one.

The phrase "hasta la vista" translated to English means basically "see you later" & is very similar lớn "I"ll be back". So I"m wondering if this similarity was intentional và meant as a nod to the original film"s famous catchphrase.


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Co-writer co-writer William Wisher revealed its origins in a new featurette that was made to promote the 3D re-release of Terminator 2: Judgement Day:

Wisher reveals that "Hasta La Vista, baby" was just something that he & director James Cameron "used to lớn say khổng lồ each other when we were talking on the telephone, as we were hanging up... neither one of us ever had any idea that that line would become an iconic piece of dialogue."

(lưu ý that you can view the featurette at the link.)


Sometimes things rhyme. I don"t mean that in the "I"m a poet, và I didn"t know it," vein, rather, in the "History doesn"t repeat itself, but it does rhyme," whether it was said by Mark Twain or Joseph Anthony Wittreich. You can discover this rhythm if you listen to lớn lots of music, see lots of art. I bet you và I use the same words, phrases, mannerisms in many of the same situations.

In the Rosary (doesn"t matter if you are a believer or not) the similarities among mỏi some mysteries did not appear to me until I learned them in German, & only when I used "insertions" where the mysteries are announced in the "Hail Mary," not at the beginning of the decade. I had learned this is English, Spanish, & Latin, but only when I learned it in German did I see it.

Pattern recognition is a big part of life. Sometimes the pattern is obvious, sometimes it"s hidden, & sometimes it"s not there at all, but try telling your brain that. All this lớn say, no, I don"t think you"re blind. I think it was done in a flat, monotone which made them similar. Oh, và "Hasta la vista" is literally "Until the view," or more sensibly "Until we see each other again." (Thank God I didn"t go into lớn actual "references," where something actually is a nod khổng lồ something else, often literary.)

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