Do you wish lớn play Poketháng Go on BlueStacks? Find out about BlueStacks Pokemon Go haông chồng và two different alternatives lớn spoof your location in this post.

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Jan 13,2021 / Posted by Felix Baynsi

“How bởi vì I play Pokemon Go on my computer & change my location? Can I use BlueStacks to lớn play Pokemon Go on my Windows PC?”

If you are an avid Poketháng Go player, then you can also encounter a similar situation regarding the use of BlueStacks for Pokemon Go. Since it provides tons of benefits to Pokemon Go players, they often wish khổng lồ play the game on their computer via BlueStacks. Though, playing Pokemon Go in BlueStacks can be a bit complicated at first. To help you, I have sầu come up with this detailed BlueStacks Pokemon Go haông chồng that anyone can follow.

Part 1: What is Bluestacks and How it can help you?

BlueStacks is a popular Android emulator tool that is available for both Mac và Windows systems. Therefore, the desktop application will help you access an emulated Android device environment on your desktop.

In this way, you can access the phone’s screen on your computer và make the most of the installed apps. Usually, BlueStacks is used to play popular Android games on desktops. Not only will it make your gameplay easier, but it would also provide a wide range of features. For instance, Poketháng Go on BlueStacks 4 will provide tons of add-on features, letting you spoof your location in the game.


Part 2: How khổng lồ Play Poketháng Go in BlueStacks: A Stepwise Guide

While BlueStacks will let you access tons of options to lớn play Pokemon Go like a pro, there are some limitations with the tool. Also, setting up BlueStacks for Poketháng Go might not be that simple. Therefore, if you want khổng lồ play Poketháng Go on BlueStacks 4 on your PC, then consider following these steps:

Step 1: Install BlueStacks on your Computer

To start with, you can just go to the official trang web of BlueStacks and download its installer. Afterward, just launch the BlueStacks installer and follow its wizard to lớn complete the installation of the application.


Step 2: Set up BlueStacks for Pokemon Go

To play Poketháng Go in BlueStacks, you need lớn install certain apps on it first. You can launch the Play Store on BlueStacks and connect it with your Android device.


Now, just launch Play Store on BlueStacks và look for Poketháng Go. From here, you can just install Pokemon Go on your BlueStacks account.

Once that is done, go to lớn the BlueStacks store, tải về the Kingroot APK, & complete its installation. Launch the Kingroot APK afterward và let it root the simulated device.


After completing the rooting operation, you can go khổng lồ the device options và choose to restart the Android plugin on your system.


Great! Now, you can again go lớn the Play Store & look for any reliable kém chất lượng GPS phầm mềm (lượt thích Lexa, Hola, PGSharp, và so on). You can just save sầu the APK of the kém chất lượng location ứng dụng and make sure it is not installed yet.

The last thing that you need to bởi is just go to lớn the BlueStacks store and install the Lucky Patcher APK on the application. Afterward, launch the Lucky Patcher tool và install the Nhái GPS phầm mềm as a system application on the device.

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Step 3: Simulate your Location on BlueStacks và Pokemon Go

Now when you have installed all the needed applications, you can easily play Poketháng Go on BlueStacks 4. The first thing that you need to lớn vày is launch the Lucky Patcher to load Poketháng Go & the Fake GPS ứng dụng on the device. You have sầu to agree khổng lồ the terms & conditions of the app và grant it the device administrative access.


Now, you can just launch the Nhái GPS ứng dụng & look for any target location on the bản đồ. You can move sầu the pin around, drop it anywhere you like, và choose lớn mochồng the device location.


That’s it! You can now launch Poketháng Go on BlueStacks và access all the available features. Your location would automatically be changed và you can move it around lớn catch tons of Pokemons now.


What you Should Know before Playing Poketháng Go in BlueStacks?

While BlueStacks will let you easily spoof your location in Pokemon Go & access other features, there are a few things that you should know in advance.

Complex process

As you can see from the above sầu drill, it is pretty hard to play Poketháng Go on BlueStacks 4. Since you need to install several apps & the overall process is complicated, you would have lớn spkết thúc a lot of time and effort on this.

An unexpected lag

The system requirements for BlueStacks are pretty high (Windows 7+ or macOS Sierra+). Also, it will consume a substantial amount of RAM và storage while running, which would make your system slower and can cause an unwanted lag while playing Poketháng Go.

Risk of an account ban

You might not know this, but the use of hacks like BlueStacks for Poketháng Go is not allowed. Therefore, its constant use might get your tài khoản banned. At first, you can get a shadow or temporary ban that might lead to a permanent b& of your trương mục.


Apart from that, there are several other issues related lớn the game that you might encounter while playing Poketháng Go in Bluestacks.

Part 3: The Best Alternatives to BlueStacks to lớn Spoof Poketháng Go Location

Ideally, the main motive of playing Pokemon Go in BlueStacks is lớn change the trainer’s location in the game. If you have sầu the same requirements, then you can consider these alternatives instead of going through the hassle of using BlueStacks.

Option 1: Use Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) khổng lồ Spoof your iPhone Location

If you are an iPhone user, then you can take the assistance of Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) for location spoofing in Pokemon Go. The application is extremely easy to use và will not need jailbreak access on your iPhone.

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