Flattered Là Gì

khổng lồ praise someone in order to make them feel attractive sầu or important, sometimes in a way that is not sincere:

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khổng lồ feel very pleased & proud because someone has said good things about you or has made you feel important:

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All wear the same below-the-knee dresses made out of the same fabric, with gathered tops and uncomfortably tight (and not terribly flattering) fitted waists.
The d protệp tin is also stronger here than in three dimensions, and peaks at the centre, while in natural flows it is usually much flatter.
Evaluations were less flattering regarding the government"s economic management, especially pertaining to lớn policies affecting incomes và their distribution.
I am flattered that they took notice of my piece, but think their efforts lớn phối the record straight only obfuscate matters further.
While it is always flattering khổng lồ be cited in a work of this nature, it is doubly so if the citation is correct.
It also included some of the bestinformed specialists in the world, a formidable group khổng lồ be entertained và flattered as well as informed.
Dental attrition levels suggest a broader và flatter age protệp tin for the pendants than for the soldiers, with a significantly higher mean age.
While providing new information based upon impressive sầu original research, the collection tends to flatter lớn deceive.
They are packed every night with citizens seeking not recognizable relevant hubris but a fawning, flattering escape from reality.

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Admiring without flattering, critical và yet appreciative, this set of papers contains some illuminating, challenging and non-coercive philosophy.
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