dry run

A practice session or chạy thử designed khổng lồ identify & correct possible problems. Let"s bởi a couple dry runs of your speech so you feel totally comfortable with it for tomorrow"s ceremony. The theater group did a dry run of the play to iron out any technical problems before opening night.See also: dry, run

dry run

Fig. An attempt; a practice or rehearsal. We had better have a dry run for the official ceremony tomorrow. The children will need another dry run before their procession in the pageant.See also: dry, run

dry run

A trial exercise or rehearsal, as in Regard this as a dry run for tonight"s ceremony. This term, using dry in the sense of "unproductive," was at first employed mainly in the military for simulated bombings in which no bombs were dropped. See also: dry, run

a dry run


a thử nghiệm run

A dry run or a test run is something that you vì to practise before you vị it at a more important time. We"ll have a dry run at getting you in and out of the clothes quickly. More than 10,000 people were expected và council chiefs said it would be a dry run for the Olympic celebrations.See also: dry, run

dry run

A rehearsal or trial exercise. The term originated during World War II, when it was used for a practice bombing flight in which no bombs were actually dropped. After the war it was extended to lớn numerous civilian undertakings, such as “Most families regard the wedding rehearsal dinner as a dry run.”See also: dry, runSee also:

dry run

complete rehearsal, walk through Let"s do a dry run of our play so I can địa chỉ the background music.

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