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In view of the high cost of traditional supplementary feeds such as oilseed cakes, the production of forage, especially legumes, is increasingly being advocated.
Specifically, we examined the preparation of wedding cakes and attempted to lớn find episodes of gastrointestinal illness aao ước employees.
The poignant flavours turn out to lớn be those of cakes & biscuits, the revelations concern clean laundry và darned collars.
By-products such as stale bread, fancy cakes, biscuits & waffles widely vary in their nutrient composition.
Again, how does he allow for the fact that a mixture of treats would probably be more acceptable than fireworks or cakes alone - except by means of another arbitrary fiat ?
The time & hard labour that many village women devote khổng lồ making dung cakes for fuel or fetching fodder và water for livestochồng are not acknowledged.
The difference in these cakes, in their sweetmeats, and their elder wine, is that there is a dash of spice about them not ordinarily met with.
She mimed the words " icing sugar " to lớn her neighbour and, rather than saying the words out loud, she mimed the numbers as she pointed lớn & counted the cakes.
The name tea also refers to lớn a light meal taken in the afternoon between 4 & 5, usually consisting of sandwiches, scones và cakes taken with tea.
The seed crushers who manufacture compound cakes are producing approximately the same proportion of straight cakes as before the war.
The public already has complete freedom to lớn buy whatever flour confectionery may be offered for sale, whether individual cakes or pre-packed assortments.
Another point about which he did not give sầu us information is whether shipping has been released for bringing cốt tông cakes & linseed khổng lồ this country.
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Các từ bỏ thường được áp dụng cùng rất cake.

Others have developed catering & cake decorating businesses or have gone on khổng lồ teach classes of their own.
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a family unit that includes grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, and uncles, etc. in addition lớn parents và children

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