ByteFence Anti-Malware (by Byte Technologies LLC) is a questionable antivirus program that uses software bundling as its kinh doanh technique. As a result, most users install it alongside other không tính tiền programs unknowingly. The software then starts scanning the entire system for malware và delivers results based on its detection algorithms. While the software itself is not malicious, many of its users vị not feel good without knowing how such software got on their computers. We will explain everything about this software in this article for you.

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For those looking for an answer of what ByteFence is, it is not malicious software – simply a malware detection & removal solution. Just lượt thích any other anti-malware solution, it offers không tính tiền and paid solutions for its users, however, due khổng lồ a suspicious distribution technique the company chose for the không tính phí sản phẩm promotion, computer users tover to lớn call ByteFence a virut.

ByteFence starts scanning the system for malware as soon as it gets installed on a computer.

It has been noticed that the software primarily targets Windows computers, but Mac users can install this software unknowingly, too. To be precise, it has been noticed that ByteFence installs along with PDF Mac Master application.

Scans for malware, then urges to pay for its removal

After ByteFence Anti-Malware download, the software scans the computer for crapware và malware. However, just as suggested on its official website, the Free version doesn‘t contain all of actually useful security software‘s features. The không lấy phí version can scan for potentially unwanted or malicious programs, persize real-time scans for the same spyware and malware categories, but it doesn‘t remove sầu them after detecting them. Therefore, this is where the software starts urging the victim lớn pay for malware removal.

If you had no plan of using this software, please bởi not start looking for the ByteFence license key or không tính phí Pro version download online. Consequently, such searches can potentially kết thúc in the installation of STOP/DJVU ransomware, which is known to lớn spread via software cracks/keygens. If you did not want to use such anti-malware software at all, simply uninstall ByteFence Anti-Malware from your Windows 7, 8 or 10, or Mac using instructions provided below the article.

Some examples of ByteFence ads.

We have sầu also noticed that computer users have sầu been looking for ByteFence phone number on various online forums. It must be said that the company doesn‘t provide a direct contact number, but leaves an email address instead. This can be frustrating for users who want to perkhung ByteFence removal immediately or have sầu other questions regarding the program‘s behavior.

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Therefore, if you came to this guide after searching “cara uninstall bytefence anti malware windows 7” or if you’re wondering why bytefence is blocking word, consider whether you want to lớn uninstall it. If you vị so, you can use the instructions provided below.

Threat Summary

NameByteFence Anti-Malware
TypePotentially Unwanted Program (PUP)
DeveloperByte Technologies, LLC
SymptomsScans the system for malware, displays ads urging to purchase the Pro version
Detection namesPUA:Win32/ByteFence (Windows), Generic PUA JJ (PUA) (Sophos AV), A Variant Of MSIL/ByteFence.A Potentially Unwanted Program (ESET-NOD32), Trojan.Win32.ByteFence.fcgvit (NANO-Antivirus)
DistributionSpreads via software bundling – detected along PDF Mac Master và other programs
RemovalCan be removed either with ByteFence Uninstaller, manually or automatically

Some users have also reported seeing search settings change in their Chrome, Firefox or other browsers after installing the said software. Therefore, if you have noticed the unexpected appearance of the homepage in your web browser, consider clearing your browser‘s settings & deleting any suspicious extensions as well.

Beware of programs distributed alongside freeware

As mentioned earlier, ByteFence download might occur when installing another không tính tiền program downloaded from the Internet. The program might be suggested as an additional extra, or „partner product“ khổng lồ you.

In such case, you should know that there are no obligations khổng lồ install such programs and you can easily opt them out via Custom or Advanced installation settings. All that you need lớn vì is khổng lồ deselect a suggested ByteFence Anti-Malware hàng hóa và the suggestion lớn phối tìm kiế as your mặc định tìm kiếm engine and homepage address.

However, if you have sầu accidentally installed the software without realizing it, shortly after you‘ll start seeing ByteFence Pro ads on your screen. If this has happened lớn you, follow the guidelines provided below for the successful removal of the anti-malware.

Remove ByteFence Anti-Malware easily

To remove sầu ByteFence Anti-Malware from Windows or Mac, follow the steps given below. We have noticed that many users complain about issues with its uninstaller on reddit or other popular web forums. What is more, people report problems such as Bytefence uninstall stuông chồng or the impossibility to uninstall it from Windows 7.

We assure that our tutorial will guide you through the ByteFence removal procedure with ease. Just follow the given steps carefully, & you‘ll delete the remains of the unwanted anti-malware in no time.

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